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The Elements of Health Centre offers an extensive onsite pharmacy and dispenses customized herbal formulas. Over the years, we’ve come across a number of reliable, high-quality products and we stock a small variety of carefully selected healthcare items.

Our current inventory includes:
(all pricing includes HST)

Pre-seed Personal Lubricant -  40g tube with 9 single use applicators, $28. 
Pre-seed personal lubricant is the first and only lubricant that is safe to use when trying to conceive. It is a specially formulated product that is balanced to match fertile cervical mucus and can be safely used without harming sperm.
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Pregnancy Tests - 2 Pregnancy Test Strips, $5.00
These test strips will detect hCG in urine after conception. You can begin testing accurately just six to eight days after conception, and days before your period is due.
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Ovulation Test Strips - 10 Strips, $20
These strips work by predicting a surge in LH (luteinizing hormone) and therefore when you are likely to ovulate.
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Moxa Heat Pack - 1 pack, $5
Great for menstrual cramps, arthritis, muscular pains, sprains and intestinal discomforts, these heat packs contain mugwort, charcoal and iron and will give up to 18 hours of warmth, all you need to do is shake lightly!
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Male Fertility Formula - 90 capsules, $80
This male fertility formula comes recommended by The Victoria Fertility Centre and contains a combination of ingredients that can help enhance your reproductive health. Recommended dosage is one capsule daily.
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Postpartum Care Boxes - Containing; Traditional Congee Herbs, 1 Moxa Roll, Herbal Sitz Bath, Red Envelope and Prosperity Token, $25
The newest and most popular addition to our store, these postpartum care boxes contain several gifts that will help a new mom regain emotional and physical health and balance after delivery. Perfect for a baby shower or hosital visit gift, these boxes are filled with traditional ingredients for a modern day momma. For more information on our postpartum care boxes see our clinic blog post..

All of our products can be delivered to your home, please call the clinic at 250 383 2626 for further information.

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