Acupressure for Labour Workshops

Proactive Labour Support

Learn how acupressure to specific points on the body can help reduce the pain of contractions and help support a woman through out her labour. This 90 minute class will be hands-on and a manual will be provided for easy reference and practice at home. Bring your labour support person, a friend or family member. 

Upcoming Workshops: 

Mothering Touch, 975 Fort Street, Victoria
Saturday, September 29th: 5:30 ~ 7:00 pm

Roundhouse Farm, 1506 Burnside Rd West, Victoria
Thursday, October 25th: 6:00 ~ 7:30 pm

Grow Health, Suite 205, 1497 Admirals Road, Victoria
Sunday, November 25th: 3:30 ~ 5:00 pm


Phone: 250-383-2626



$21 for two participants (includes GST) please click the following link to register

Acupressure for Labour Registration


Instructor - Harris is a Doctor of Chinese medicine at the Elements of Health Centre in Victoria. He has been in clinical practice for the past 12 years with a focus in reproductive health and obstetric care. He is an active member of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and is a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).

Melding classical philosophy, clinical experience and modern research, Harris aims to equip workshop participants with a deep sense of confidence and competence in applying the skills that they will learn. He has presented this course to doctors, midwives and doulas, as well as having his own first hand experience of how effective these points can be. His son arrived in a very punctual manner, half an hour before his due date and only five hours after starting the acupressure points. (More on this and maybe the odd dad joke during the workshop). For more details about Harris and his training, check out is bio 


“I would recommend the course to other expecting parents”.  ~ME

“I will definitely use these techniques for my next baby.”  ~LS

“The course material was taught in a way that was accessible and easy to understand.”  ~SW

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