Please take a moment to read through some of the success stories we have had at our clinic in helping men and women achieve their dream of becoming parents. It has been such an honor and pleasure to be of support to these amazing people on their journey to conceiving their families.


Natural conception with the help of TCM

Natural Conception after 2 Years

Thank you so much for your kindness and excellent treatment while I was going through some very hard times. It was only a month after I started seeing you that I became pregnant after two years of trying! Then again, you were able to help me turn my baby when all my doctors told me she would stay breech. What you do is truly amazing and I'm so glad to have come under your care. Thank you. ~A.R

Natural Conception with TCM

I wanted to send you a thank you note for some time. This is my beautiful son at 6 months (a month and a bit ago). I hope you've had lots of referrals from me because I try and spread the word about how much I attribute his presence to my sessions with you! I don't know if my husband and I... read more

After 6 miscarriages, 4 obstetric surgeries and numerous fertility treatments...

I had just about given up on my dream of having a baby. When acupuncture was initially suggested by my fertility specialist, Dr. Hudson, I had mixed feelings about it. I did some research and realized that studies have shown that acupuncture increases the flow of blood to the uterus, and I knew a bit about Yin and Yang and positive energy fields. I had nothing to lose, so I made my first appointment... read more

Natural conception after 3 miscarriages…

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. After much bed rest (probably about 6 months) I now have a healthy
baby boy.  We are so thrilled to have been blessed with such a wonderful child!! Thank you so much for your help. 
I am convinced that the acupuncture helped us succeed! ~ ST

A “miracle” story of natural conception…

Stephanie Curran is a miracle worker in my eyes. I was told my chances of conceiving another child even through IVF was very VERY low and to be thankful I had one child already. I was 38 and had tried for 3 1/2 years before conceiving my son through IVF a couple years earlier. On attempt for child #2 by IVF my cycle was cancelled before we barely got started… read more

A proud mom after 4 miscarriages…

I cannot even begin to express my relief, gratitude and a multitude of other feelings for the positive outcome of a non-traditional (by western standards) approach.  I was referred to Stephanie Curran by my infertility specialist, Dr. Hudson, after having had my fourth miscarriage.  After every test and needle under the sun, we could not find a reason…read more

3 miscarriages - Initially skeptical of TCM but now a happy mom

Two years ago I became pregnant. All the dreams that go along with a pregnancy came to an end when at 11 weeks I miscarried.  My husband and I were told by our doctor that it is very common to have a miscarriage and to keep trying, so we did. Again, I became pregnant and tried to keep the dreams at bay until we passed the 12-week mark. We didn’t get there, and miscarried again at 11 weeks…read more

Head over heals in love with our little miracle...

My husband and I felt vulnerable stepping into Stephanie’s office, not sure if we would be able to conceive a baby.  We were hoping and praying that her treatments would help us. We are now head over heals in love with our little miracle. Stephanie’s treatments and herbal prescriptions definitely aided in our fertility.  Our treatments also helped us succeed in becoming more calm, less competitive, less fearful and increasing our overall sense of feeling more healthy.  Stephanie is very approachable, trustworthy and professional; we will be continuing with her services. ~ P & G

Healthy conception with the support from Eastern & Western medicines


Pregnancy success within 12 weeks of treatment 


Julia, Thank you very much for everything you have done to help me get pregnant. I’m thrilled.

I thought the treatment was really relaxing and Julia made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. My overall experience was amazing. It didn’t hurt and I successfully got pregnant within 3 months after 3 failed IUI more 

IVF support with acupuncture and mindfulness techniques

I don't know how to thank you enough for the support you gave me when I was in Victoria. You were like a godsend to me. I was SO stressed and anxious, and you pulled me up out of my depression and introspection and gave me so many things to redirect my energy towards. I really don't think I could have made it without you. In the week that it took us to get home after the embryo transfer, I was constantly using the affirmations that you read to me... read more

IVF with male and female infertility factors

My husband and I had a very difficult time conceiving a child.  After nearly three years of trying and two miscarriages, we found out that we had both male and female infertility factors and decided to attempt a cycle of in-vitro fertilization.  Our physician, Dr.Hudson, suggested that we both try acupuncture to improve our chances of conceiving so we turned to Stephanie Curran and Carolyn Dew of the Elements of Health Centre… read more

2x IVF success (endometriosis)

I'm pregnant! It worked!! I am just in total shock - my husband and I are over the moon. I made a little shirt for our daughter that said "I'm going to be a Big Sister" on the front and stenciled "go team go" on the back. I came home from work early and dressed our daughter in it (she's 14mo now) and put a sweater on her. When my husband got home I said "oh she is way too warm in that, please take her sweater off"… read more

Support and success through surrogacy

A week before starting fertility treatments, my sister who was studying acupuncture at the time introduced me to her instructor, Stephanie.  Although I was quite worried about the needles, I was both eager and desperate to start a protocol that held some promise of success. In a time that was full of medical intervention and drug therapies, it was nice to be doing something for my body that was natural… read more

IVF patient

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for all your support and wonderful conversations. As much as I value the acupuncture, I truly appreciate what you personally bring to it. It does make a difference while on the rollercoaster ride and I'm sure all your clients would agree. ~ BK

 IVF with egg donor

After 3 failed IVF cycles and the realization that I would need a donor egg, I decided to add acupuncture to my regime as I prepared for my 4th cycle.  Stephanie did a brilliant job and the acupuncture worked beautifully.  My treatments were not only stress-relieving and relaxing, they prepared my body for pregnancy and also helped maintain the pregnancy.  Stephanie is extremely professional and caring - I always felt that I was in good hands.  I am now the proud mother of a beautiful daughter. ~ SB

As a practitioner of Western Medicine I was initially unsure…

As a practitioner of Western Medicine I was initially unsure of what to expect from my acupuncture treatments.  I was receiving acupuncture for fertility treatment along with IVF.  I found that the acupuncture provided by Carolyn really helped me to relax and remain in a positive frame of mind while undergoing one of the most stressful periods of my life…read more

IVF with sperm extraction (post vasectomy)

I was just thinking about the people who helped me get this far in my pregnancy and I thought of you. I am so happy I saw you for acupuncture, Stephanie.  Many thanks to you again! I haven't been back to Victoria since last summer when I last saw you but wanted to let you know I'm expecting twins - a boy and a girl in less than three weeks. I am so happy! They are both approx. six pounds. Just thought I'd let you know if you wondered, especially before I am double busy!! ~ SG

IVF success after feeling devastated

After struggling with infertility off and on for seven years we decided to pursue IVF.  Our first fresh cycle failed, as did a frozen cycle.  We were devastated and did not want to go through the same treatment again without doing "something" different.  I read about acupuncture improving the outcome of IVF treatment. I was fortunate enough to hear about Stephanie and soon embarked on regular acupuncture treatments along with herbs… read more

Male and female infertility factors

My husband and I never imagined that we would have trouble conceiving.  Yet, as we tried month after month with no result, we began to turn to both western and eastern medicine for help.  Acupuncture played a key role in helping us conceive and support our baby.  It worked on our spiritual, emotional and physical planes as we traveled down the path of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)… read more

Same sex couple with sperm donor/IVF…

After seven years of trying to become pregnant, in 2006 I was able to conceive and give birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl thanks to the help of IVF and acupuncture. To promote fertility and prepare my body for pregnancy, I had weekly acupuncture sessions for about six months prior to beginning fertility treatments… read more

In-vitro fertilization support

Just would like to say thank you for all your support. My partner and I have been struggling through infertility, not for a very long time, but still it is very emotionally draining and frustrating. I was encouraged by my specialist that it would be beneficial to receive acupuncture treatments in conjunction with my fertility treatments... read more

In-vitro fertilization….the holistic way!

I really appreciated the way that I felt after all of the treatments I received from your clinic. It made me feel at ease, less stressed and more positive about the IVF cycle. I felt that the acupuncture was a definitely worth while and made the whole process seem more attainable (sounds funny, but it felt more holistic and more balanced)... read more

IVF with poor ovarian reserve

When we learned that my ovarian reserve was rapidly diminishing at the age of 32, and for reasons that remain unexplained we had not had success with oral ovulation medications, or multiple IUI’s with injectable stimulation, so IVF was our last hope for a family..... read more

One last IUI.....

 "We decided to try one last IUI before going to IVF and... It took! I will be at the three month mark in a couple days. I want to thank you for all that you do in your work and for me, of course, in particular. Two things that were different in December ... read more 


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