Massage Therapy

Painful injuries

I have been receiving massage treatments from Christopher Curran for over ten years. In that time he has relieved my pain and accelerated my healing from two very severe injuries. Without his support my recovery would have taken an extremely long time. In the past I have been to several massage therapists, but without a doubt Chris has consistently proven to be the best. I feel fortunate that I found such a talented and caring health professional.


Pregnancy Massage

I started seeing Jane during my second trimester of pregnancy to help with overall body relaxation and to ease the pains in my hips. I started feeling the results immediately and noticed a difference in how I was able to sleep easier and deal with the changes my body was experiencing with the pregnancy. Jane has always been a compassionate RMT who listened to my needs and gave great results.


Best massage I have ever had in Victoria

Getting massage with Jane is like enjoying a warm cup of tea with a good friend, a relaxing hot bath, and the best massage I have ever had in Victoria, all rolled up into one fabulous experience. Pretty amazing really!

Strong, kind, sensitive, and GENUINELY PRESENT and COMPASSIONATE - what an extraordinary combination of qualities. The only reason I would ever hesitate to recommend her to anyone else, is that I fear she will get booked 12 months in advance.....but that doesn't stop me. I do recommend her to everyone who walks into our yoga studio looking for a great massage therapist.

Aase Lium-Hall (owner of Hemma Yoga Studio)

Pre-natal Massage and Acupuncture

I had a horrendous experience with my first child - a 3 day labour andcomplications of an undelivered placenta following the delivery (in England). As a result I waited over 3 years to get pregnant again and was so worried about a repeat that my doctor recommended Elements of Healthfor cervical ripening acupuncture and pregnancy massage therapy for relaxation... read more 

Massage for pregnancy with twins

I started seeing a therapist in my second trimester when I was experiencing a lot of sciatica pain. They were able to take care of that in just a couple of visits and it hasn't been a problem through the rest of my pregnancy. After dealing with my sciatica, I was able to relax and enjoy whole body massage. I have never felt so good! I especially love the pregnancy pillow - it was a treat to be able to lie on my stomach (comfortably!) - something I hadn't been able to do since 6 weeks of pregnancy. When I was no longer able to lay face-down, the pillow gave me great support on my side so that I was always comfortable and relaxed during massage. Although I told my husband I was going so frequently for therapeutic reasons, I felt very pampered.

 RK (happy mom of a beautiful son and daughter) 

Pregnancy massage

Visiting Elements of Health Centre for massage therapy throughout my pregnancy became a much-needed and much-appreciated reprieve from the general aches and pains of being pregnant. Through skillful assessment, the therapists was able to target some of my worst problem areas that resulted from carrying around a big baby boy, and also to show me ways to stay on top of my discomforts at home through specific exercises! I found massage therapy both relaxing and rejuvenating throughout my pregnancy and it even helped me get a little more sleep at night as my pregnancy progressed. I would absolutely recommend massage therapy to any expectant mother, and I strongly believe in its benefits to both body and soul!

LM (mom of a healthy baby boy)

Frozen shoulder pain 

I have found massage to be very helpful for muscle pain and tension associated with frozen shoulder and related back and neck spasm.  Massage therapy relieves the tightness and encourages deep relaxation both physically and mentally.  It has been a great addition to my treatment plan.


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