Postpartum depression, insomnia and anxiety

Acupuncture was a miracle treatment for me. I was treated by Stephanie in the fall of 2006.; I am a thirty-four year old high teacher and new Mom. I had my first baby in August and was not doing very well. The delivery of my baby was a bit traumatic and it resulted in me experiencing post partum depression almost straight away. I sought out help immediately and with a lovely husband and tons of family support, I was managing to cope with the unhappy times.  It was important 

to me not to go on antidepressants if I could help it.  I realized it was looking more and more likely that I would need drugs to get through things... but I was dragging my feet.  My midwife referred me to a wonderful therapist and I also saw a chiropractor and did yoga to help heal my mind and body.  My problems were insomnia and postpartum anxiety.  I had so much trouble sleeping and quieting my mind.  Of course the first year with a baby results in poor sleep... but this was different.  I would not, could not sleep.  My little baby girl would finally be sleeping and I would just lay there, unable to sleep for most of the night.  I was given some sleeping pills to help... but it was only a temporary fix as the sleeping pills were highly addictive.  The anxiety was horrible.  I was a mess.  I had zero confidence, cried all the time and I would have panic attacks.

By November, my doctor told me the antidepressants were a better option than the sleeping pills.  I accepted this, but he said, "Let's wait one more week before we start... in the meantime, why not try acupuncture, it works for some people." 

I had never tried acupuncture before, but my mind was open.  I saw Stephanie that week and never needed to go on the antidepressants.  It was night and day. I had a total of four treatments, but felt a change right away.  It was like I was a car whose battery was dead and I got a jump start.  I was cured after one treatment (I did a couple more sessions just to be sure) and I felt like my old self again.  During the first three months of my baby's life, I was somebody else... somebody scary... it was a dark time.  Then just like that, I was me again!  Sure I still had a new baby and was a tired Mom... but I was me again and I am so grateful.  Thank you for helping me Stephanie. 

When I was getting the needles put in me during the treatment I asked, "how is this supposed to work?"  The explanation was that Chinese Medicine believes that when a woman has a baby she looses a lot of blood, not only physically but energetically from a TCM perspective.  Most people find their balance again, but those who are unbalanced either before or during their pregnancy are the ones who are more susceptible to postpartum difficulties.  Acupuncture needles were placed along meridian points to recharge and rebalance my system, and I took Chinese herbs daily.  It worked!  I tell everyone who will listen... I hope if you are experiencing some similar crisis, that you find your way out of it.


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