Pre and Post Natal Care

Dear Stephanie and Jonna,

My husband and I attended your Acupressure Workshop in February, and I also attended your clinic a few times to help turn my breech baby.  I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we had a baby girl on March 17th at 11:33am, 7.3 lbs.  We had a planned C-Section scheduled for 9:30am on the 17th because she was still in the breech position.  I ended up going into labour at 3:00am on the 17th…it seems that she liked the planned date better than her due date (which was today, the 25th).  While at the hospital we discovered that she had turned into a head down position (I have no idea when she did this; maybe at the same time she decided St. Patrick’s Day would be a good birthday; maybe after my last session with Stephanie…we’ll never know for sure J), so we decided to go for a vaginal birth.  A few hours later we ended up in an Emergency C-Section due to her heart rate dropping rapidly and my cervix swelling and protruding instead of dilating.  I was disappointed to find out that the VBAC was no longer in the cards for us.  But, on the upside it was much better for the two of us that I went into labour because it helped both of us prepare for her birth rather than just going into a planned C-Section.

The acupressure worked wonders for me during labour!  My husband used a number of the techniques during my labour coupled with me using the comb pressure.  We didn’t have this knowledge with our first born daughter’s labour.  Both labours were back labour and the contractions were much more tolerable during this labour due to the acupressure…in fact I was in disbelief when my midwife told me that she was in the posterior position…my contractions with her were much more bearable so I thought for sure she was in the face down position.  With my first daughter I really wanted the drugs – and used laughing gas, morphine and then went for the epidural.  This time I didn’t feel that I needed any drugs.  All I can say is that acupressure rocks for labour!!  I asked my pre-natal yoga instructor to pass on to her current students that you offer an acupressure workshop.
Thanks for everything!
~ EV
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