Pre-natal Massage and Acupuncture

I had a horrendous experience with my first child - a 3 day labour andcomplications of an undelivered placenta following the delivery (in England). As a result I waited over 3 years to get pregnant again and was so worried about a repeat that my doctor recommended Elements of Healthfor cervical ripening acupuncture and pregnancy massage therapy for relaxation.

I thorougly enjoyed my acupuncture and massage visits - the therapists always made me feel welcome and comfortable. Their knowledge base and professional manner reassured me. I went into labour at 10 pm and by 3 am my husband insisted we get to the hospital. I was happy to stay at home for longer as I was managing the contractions with breathing and relaxion techniques. It was a good thing I followed his advice as I delivered my daughter at 5:40 am, drug free and in fantastic health. I attribute my successful delivery to the pregnancy massages and cervical ripening acupunture. They ensured I was prepared mentally and physically for the labour. I am so glad my doctor recommended Elements of Health. Please feel free to use my testimonial as I was so happy with my care.

Many Thanks,


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