Severe endometriosis

I began seeing Stephanie on the recommendation of my OBGYN. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis after laparoscopic surgery that revealed what my surgeon referred to as “severe endometriosis”, so much so my left ovary had been pulled down and affixed itself.  Prior to surgery I had debilitating pain during my period and moderate pain periodically.  Every month it was the same…I would have to take a couple of days off of work and numb myself with Tylenol 3s and wine for a couple days to make it through. After surgery, my surgeon had discussed with me a treatment plan to try to prevent a reoccurrence. I was given a monthly shot (depo-lupron) to send me into temporary menopause, which was supposed to stunt any new growth. Shortly after halting this treatment (it can only be used short term due to the fact that it depletes bone mass), I was put on progesterone. After only three weeks, I stopped this treatment as I grew into a homicidal maniac. I had severe emotional episodes and again my quality of life had deteriorated. I thought perhaps the three days of T3s and days off work would be better than 30 days of being the ugly monster I had grown into.

Six months after stopping all courses of treatment, symptoms began to reappear. They included: spastic cramping, irritable bowel, painful intercourse, abdominal and back pain and heavy bleeding. I was also terribly fatigued due to the fact I was in pain all the time. I was concerned that this could lead to infertility and looked to seek treatment elsewhere. I had exhausted all treatments at this point and remembered the recommendation made by my OBGYN to see Stephanie. .

Shortly thereafter, I began acupuncture treatments. I was initially slightly intimidated by the needles but found it painless and relaxing. Stephanie also prescribed some herbs for me in the form of a tea. I found the tea difficult to stomach and so she found some in pill form for me. I have found Stephanie to be so supportive and resourceful in the methods of her treatment. She is empathetic, knowledgeable and sensitive. The treatments are not a quick fix but rather take a little time to work. Stephanie reassured me that I would see some relief and she was right! After a couple of months, I started to notice my symptoms subsiding. After years of painful periods, my symptoms became manageable and my life didn’t seem to revolve around my disease any more.

I like that Stephanie’s goal is to not keep me as a lifelong patient but actually cure the illness. I have not been for acupuncture treatments in a few months but am still taking herbs. Stephanie has me regularly checking in with her to ensure I am still ok.

In addition to acupuncture treatments and herbs, Stephanie also referred me to a naturopath who works with me on tailoring my diet to make it more endometriosis friendly. I have also experienced great success with this.

Before exploring alternative health, I was seriously considering having a hysterectomy at age 27. I have gone through many diagnostic tests, surgery and hormone treatments through western medicine. They were expensive, timely, draining and brought me no closer to a cure since no one has conclusively been able to narrow down the cause of endometriosis.

I have especially been impressed by Stephanie’s professionalism. She is quick to follow up and easy to get a hold of. Her focus is patient care and this has kept me a patient of hers for two years. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to her care and will continue to receive treatment as needed.


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