Menopause - making my life miserable…

The night sweats, disturbed sleep and continuing hot flashes were making my life miserable. It is with pleasure that I write a few words of thanks and praise to Stephanie Curran for the treatments I received with respect to the discomfort I was experiencing as I went through menopause. During the months of February and March, 2007, I received approximately 5 or 6 acupuncture treatments together with herbs from Stephanie.

I first contacted Stephanie after listening to a co-worker speak so highly of the treatment she was receiving from Stephanie. My co-worker was seeking treatments from Stephanie as she was trying to conceive a baby (which was successful and her baby is due late July) and I wondered if Stephanie could help me with the hot flashes - they both deal with hormones right? So I gave her a call. I am in my late 40’s and the night sweats, disturbed sleep and continuing hot flashes were making my life miserable. I would have at least 20 hot flashes a day, which made my job facilitating and presenting workshops very embarrassing and uncomfortable. Due to the severity of my hot flashes, I stayed away from all social events due to the discomfort and embarrassment I felt.

I was very pleased that ½ way through the treatments, my hot flashes were reduced to one or two a day and my sleep was not being disturbed with night sweats. I continued to take the herbs and stay away from “triggers” such as red wine and coffee. By the end of the treatment (and still to date) I no longer have hot flashes or any night sweats. I am able to have red wine and coffee again……without any hot flashes! I just returned from a long vacation in a very warm climate and must say, I was pleasantly surprised that any sweat on my brow was from the climate, not a hot flash.

I highly recommend Stephanie and am very thankful that I had given her a call. I now have my social life back!


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