At age 47, I had suffered about six years of unusually heavy menstrual bleeding, which coincided with my mother's lengthy and ultimately fatal neuro-muscular disease. A few months after she passed, I bled continuously for eight weeks, ending up in hospital attended by gynecologists, who performed biopsies (it was not cancer) and prescribed birth control pills. While the pills stopped the bleeding, the side effects were insufferable. I then tried a cervical ring, which could not hold back my menses. So I stopped all prescriptions, cut out caffeine and alcohol, and pursued an option suggested by my gynecologist - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Dr.Trevor Cohen was working on a locum where I live, far from Victoria, but is a cohort of Stephanie Curran's. He did the initial assessment, then Stephanie and I spoke for an hour by phone. Such detailed questions about my cycles! Then she asked where I was in the grieving process with my mother, to which I could not even respond, so heavy were my tears.

When she told me she would send me Chinese teas, I asked if they would mimic progesterone, which I knew I lacked. She said, "No, that would be treating the branch, we want to treat the root of your problems." It made such sense. The teas supported my “TCM” spleen, kidney and heart systems. I took the teas, then pills, for six months, keeping off caffeine and alcohol throughout. I kept Stephanie abreast through e-mails, and my health, including my emotional outlook, improved tremendously. I have had only two menses in the past eight months, both of moderate flow and lasting exactly six days. I had not known this was possible. I want to shout out to all women that there are ways to re-balance our bodies without pharmaceuticals. And I thank Stephanie Curran for her caring, professional advice at a time when I needed it most. I recommend her without hesitation to any woman with questions about any aspect of reproductive health.

~ LS 

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